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check biscuit..

Check Biscuit

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Check biscuit is a delicious with chocolate


Check biscuit is a delicious with chocolate


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  • Pheni07/06/2016

    Pheni or the sewaiyan is normally found and consumed at Seher during Ramadan. Its pre-browned in ghee and is sold at the halwai shops in charming round pieces. You place them in milk and enjoy it as a ...[+]

  • Panjiri22/01/2016

    Panjiri Panjiri is a special sweet that is made from condensed milk and our special ingredients. It is a high in nutrition and taste confectionery that has no equal. ...[+]

  • Angoothay Paiday22/01/2016

    Angoothay Paiday are a special and regal delight for every occasion. They are made with pure khoya (condensed milk) and then Zafran(Saffron) is added for an extra flavor ...[+]